Designing Your Living Room for Comfort and Eloquence

January 5, 2014 | By More

Today’s modern living rooms are no longer reserved for special occasions and are moving away from uncomfortable formal furnishings.  Today, families want spaces that are always usable and can function as another space for visiting with friends or simply relaxing and reading a book.

A great way to bring that inviting look to the space without compromising elegant design is to mix comfortable more contemporary pieces in your sofas and chairs with transitional accent pieces such as coffee and end tables.  You can also add in some of your favorite finds from your travels to give the room a  feeling of being in the home of a well traveled individual.

An eclectic look always adds the interest over a room that is too single themed oriented.  It is best to try and incorporate at least 3 different colors to give the room depth.  The wall color can be the neutral color (even if it is red) that you can use to bring in the color as an accent in pillows, throws and drapes.  Mix different woods together, everything doesnot have to match.

Most importantly, your design has to have flow so you want to use it and everyone who enters the room feels at home and comfortable.

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