Acquiring the Right Furniture

January 2, 2014 | By More

The best looking rooms are the ones that have been pulled together in a layered effect.  I always like to start with the floors, then the wall color and from there begin to bring in the furniture as the star of the room.  The accessories come together as we choose the furniture.  Sometimes it can also be an accessory that influences color and design in a room.

Whether we are furnishing a bedroom, library, living room or family room each of us has a concept of how we are going to use the space.  Also our individual style preference will dictate the type of furniture we are looking for.

Budget is a big part of the decision process when it comes to choosing furnishings.  I highly encourage my clients  to shop at consignment stores for high quality, gently used furniture. You can stretch the budget and if you are patient find some very interesting pieces.  Accessories can also be purchased in this manner.

There are many online stores that offer great furnishings at very reasonable prices.  You need to make sure they have reasonable return policies in case the furniture isn’t what you expected.  The more you are willing to take your time and shop the more you can get for your investment.

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